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JCB Ultimate Spending Reward Benefit

13-09-2019 09.59 WIB

Effective on June 1st, 2016, JCB Ultimate Spending Reward benefit terms is as following.

  1. Minimum transaction IDR 150mio within 2(two) cycle.
  2. All Poin Xtra generated within 2 cycle will be burnt in the exchange to spending rewards benefit. Thus cardholder must keep all Poin Xtra and not converting retail transaction into installment or redeem Poin Xtra to evouchers, mileage or any other Poin Xtra program.
  3. Eligible transaction to be accounted to minimum spending are: dip in/present transaction, online transaction. Transaction not included in minimum spending: cash advance, fees & charges, bills payment and installment.
  4. Retail transaction that has been converted to installment or has been redeemed to get 4% Cashback will be excluded from minimum spending requirements.
  5. Maximum redeem, 2x per year.
  6. Maximum redeem period is 2 months after billing cycle.
  7. Name on the flight ticket are only for basic or supplement cardholder’s name.
  8. Maximum travel period: 21 days.
  9. Black out period applied as regulated by ANA air.

*Segala pembatalan dan perubahan tiket dengan alasan dan kondisi apapun akan di proses sesuai dengan kebijakan Pihak Airlines dan menjadi tanggung jawab nasabah

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