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Credit Limit, Freezing, Cancellation or Termination

17-03-2015 14.12 WIB

  • In compliance with Bank Indonesia’s Regulation concerning the Application of Commercial Bank Risk Management , CIMB Niaga always performs in monitoring and evaluation of the credit card payment transcation, including those with potential decrease in the quality of payments.
    In order to minimize the risk of payment degradation , some policy will be made as deemed necessary which will be resulted in credit limit change of credit card deactivation.
  • Banks may solely at its discretion from time to time, increase or decrease the credit limit granted to cardholders based on information held by the Bank.
  • Card will remain as the property of the Bank at all times and cardholder is responsible to return his/her card including the Additional Card to the Bank
  • If for any reason the Cardholder cannot comply with the terms and conditions in the agreement, including in which the cardholder misusethe purpose of his/her credit card by any means, without prior written notice, Bank has the authority to suspend and terminate the agreement by closing Card holder’s Membership and ask Card Holder to resolve all the outstanding amount.

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