Covid-19 Relief Program

Application Form - Covid-19 Relief Program

Terms and Conditions – Covid 19 Affected Funding Relief Program

  1. The Covid-19 Relief Program (henceforth referred to as “Program”) is applicable for customers who experience health or financial difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  2. PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk (henceforth referred to as “Bank”) is authorized to change this Program at any time as a response to recent situation developments and instructions from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan and/or Bank Indonesia, including, but not limited to, Criteria, Process, Tenure and Interest Rates / Ujrah / Margin.
  3. The customer is not currently taking a Restructure Program in Bank when applying for the Covid-19 Relief Program.
  4. The customer ensures that Mobile Phone Number and Email being used are correct and registered on the Bank’s system and are willing to update these data if they are not registered on the system through Contact Center 14041 or one of CIMB Niaga’s branches.
  5. To participate in this program, the Customer shall apply through the Bank’s official channel.
  6. Customer should follow further instructions from the Bank such as sending credit/lending agreement and other supporting documents as required
  7. For Customers who apply for and are approved for the Program, both for Conventional/iB Credit card and Conventional/iB Personal Loan (KTA), the Bank will send a notification via Email/SMS/Whatsapp that customers can respond within 1 (One) working day. If the Bank does not receive an objection or appeal from the Customer within the stated time period, the notification will be treated as an agreement between CIMB Niaga and the Customer that cannot be cancelled unilaterally.
  8. By participating in this program, all of your Credit Cards, including Supplementary cards, cannot be used during the program period. In addition, your Credit Card facilities will be recorded in OJK’s Sistem Layanan Informasi Keuangan (SLIK) following your participation in the restructuring program.
  9. The customer's Credit Card may be reactivated by the Customer after conducting a minimum bill payment determined by Bank.
  10. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank may accept, reject or provide other forms of relief that are different from the form of relief being proposed by the Customer based on the Bank’s policies, where the Bank’s decision will be notified to the Customer.
  11. The customer will be charged to receive SMS for OTP/Transaction Code.
  12. These Terms and Conditions are constructed in both English and Bahasa Indonesia languages. Should there be any difference(s), the Indonesian version will be more applicable and prioritized. Respectively, the English version is for reference only.

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